I Want To Be Like That Man

No male has ever, ever said that about some snarky male feminist talking 👏like 👏 this 👏 on 👏 Twitter about why “traditional”(actual) masculinity is “toxic”, whatever that means. Is it toxic to be able to lift heavy things? Is it toxic to have a wife and children? Is it toxic to not spend hours a day on the Internet virtually-screaming at strangers about what is and isn’t toxic? I guess typing “fuck” over and over in online expression while you get ineffectually angry for hours on end isn’t as mentally-damaging as a friendly sportsball game where you just release your aggression physically and have a good night’s sleep.

I’m somehow supposed to believe that “men” whose entire existence revolves around social-criticism are better role models for overall health and well-being than literally any random guy off the street who looks like they work out more than me. I don’t buy it.

A big part of the anti-masculinity movement is the lie that “traditional” masculinity puts undue pressure on men to be strong/heroic/stoic/etc. It’s not undue, it’s a pressure that men should be putting on themselves freely. If you don’t want to become someone that other men can look up to, that’s fine, but don’t pretend that your relinquishing your spirit is more healthy than trying at all to become stronger or smarter.

The movement to end “traditional” masculinity is pure crab mentality, just like fat-acceptance is for women. It’s veiled as an “acceptance” movement, but what it really is is a self-affirmation movement for the weakest and most worthless men of our society. “It’s okay that you’re a worthless piece of shit” really means “It’s okay that I’m a worthless piece of shit”, and it’s apparent just by looking at the kind of people who propagate it: trash and scum. And just like with fat-acceptance, where the men who support it are genuine misogynist freaks (encouraging women to be physically unhealthy is to hate them) you’ll notice that the women who support the weakening of men are domineering misandrists.

I guess I can’t blame them, I hate modern men too.

Any kind of notion that you can instinctively tell is downward-dragging or even just stagnating is one you should probably be rejecting. Being strong is something you should want and strive for. Having emotional control is something you should want and strive for. That’s all I guess.