Horological Sexism

[by Ray Ricci]

I think the most apparent and offensive form of sexism today is the fact that women’s watches look ridiculous.

The wage gap might have been debunked, as well as the protests to its refutation, but there’s no denying the ridiculousness that women are expected to wear around their wrists.


The most expensive woman’s watch in the world probably looks like a toy compared to a $100 man’s watch. I don’t even have to look it up, I’m that positive it looks like a tacky piece of garbage. Diamonds aren’t practical, they’re toys for adults- for adult women.

How are women supposed to know when it’s time to rise up if their timepieces are jokes?

Watches are tools that every human should wear- we use them to MEASURE TIME, and their importance isn’t being stressed in how they’re presented to women. Even a high-quality female watch is a bracelet first, a clock second.

This is an issue not being given nearly enough attention. As I type this, I’m wearing a practical Citzien EcoDrive, with an olive green NATO strap- it’s solar-powered with enough efficiency to last 6 month in darkness, water resistant enough for swimming, it has a day-date calendar, and with its military-designed strap, nearly impossible to lose off my wrist.

I’m looking at my watch, and you know what time I see? Time for women to start demanding better watches.



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