news and sheeeeit 2018-4-19

website is finally sufficiently clean-looking enough to calm my autism. Now I can actually focus on writing more.

i hate using premade “themes”, but i hate spending extra money (to do extra work) even more. This was the closest I could find to what I actually want the site to look like.

Maddox might be a loser now, but one thing he was always right about was website design. Nice and clean, grey font on a black background. easy on the eyes, no extra fluff like dividing everything into fucking boxes. if it were up to me, the entire internet would be text-based.

So idk what’s going to come first. I’ll probably finish that dumb harry potter story… or did i already finish that? whatever. if not that, probably some other fanfic to start getting comfortable with writing again.

publishing Spooks in the Deep is still on hold for now, but like the heat death of the Universe, it’s inevitable.



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