Reality Is An Illusion, just shut up and believe me

Have you ever considered why REAL-ilty is called REAL-ality? Because it’s real. BUT what is real? Good question, right?

WRONG, KID. The question of what is reality is a puzzle so simple that a monkey being fed into a trash compactor could solve it as its brains are being mashed into paste.

But that’s not what’s important, so I’m not going to tell you what’s real and what isn’t even though I EASILY COULD. Because that’s just a distraction from the Truth- CAP.IT.AL. TEE.

What is the Truth that you are being distracted from? And who’s distracting you? Plot twist, kid: you’re distracting yourself. There’s LITERALLY NO GOOD REASON that you’re reading this right now. You’re on the INTERNET, reading a LOaD Of NonSENse and for NO good reason. If you can think of a reason why you’re reading this right now, you’re only proving that you’re an efficient liar.

Why are you lying to yourself? I won’t answer that, even though I know the reason. I know all the answers, but will provide you with a total of ZERO. Just kidding, I will reveal at least *1* thing before this is over, so NOW, and only NOW do you have a reason to continue reading this nonsensical stream of consciousness that will likely end with you having gained absolutely nothing.

so what about this aforementioned “truth” I was rambling about? What if I were to tell you that reality is actually an illusion and you’re actually a good sport thanks for reading. make sure you find the HIDDEN MESSAGE in this post for some high-impact big-brain science facts #ifwarkingluvSCience

im gonna go drink a glass of water and recommend you do the same thing. Good luck.


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