This is a Test. Do Not Read. but also depression is a meme.

You didn’t listen. You just couldn’t help yourself could ya, kid? Well, strap in. It’s time for a ride.

This is really just a test to see if the Faceberg properly linked up. Ideally, this will be shared to the page. i’d post a link to it, but not enough people have liked it yet for it to have a customURL and I’m not posting a fucking nonsense gibberish link.

since you’re reading this, like a degenerate who can’t waste time quickly enough, allow me to throw some interesting ideas your way in a stream of consciousness

1- sharing memes about depression doesn’t cure depression.
2- neither do antidepressants

it really upsets me that I fell for the meme that psychiatrists have any fucking clue what they’re talking about. the amount of money I’ve wasted seeing doctors about what’s basically an imaginary problem makes me want to detach my fist and throw it through every wall in every building in this great country. what do I have to show for it? a noticeably weaker brain and a lighter bank account. why not just fuck my ass and mug me instead?

i guess it’s not really my fault. a lot of people fall for it. the only thing I can do now is encourage my own friends and family to take realistic steps to improve their mood and find peace instead of being tricked into taking SSRIs by goblinmen with phDZZSZnuts just because you #fuckinglovescience and you dont wanna be a science denier do ya? oh sweetie, oh bless your heart you dumb redneck. you dont appreciate how far medicine has come 🙂 lmfao i told my doctor that prozac made me feel cold and tired, and she LITERALLY SAID “NO THEY DON’T.” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAGREAT THANK YOU. that was the last time I went to the doctor and it’s when I decided once and for all to stop taking fucking SSRIs. I’ve taken half a dozen different kinds and not one of them have helped me in any way that’s more beneficial than their side-effects or in any way greater than how I feel after a good workout. Feeling nothing is not better than feeling sad, when I can take steps to stop feeling sad. Within a couple weeks off, my mind cleared up- definite improvement- but idk if I’ll ever be the same again.

if I ever break my leg or feel like my stomach is going to explode, I’ll wholeheartedly rely on a medical professional. but I know now with 100% certainty that depression is just a fucking meme and I wish I’d learned it a lot sooner and saved my fucking ability to focus. any help that ssris give can absolutely be achieved through other means, like exercise or not spending 6 hours a day scrolling your facebook newsfeed.

anyway i’ve got to work on my dumb fucking book that’s taken me like a year now. gotta focus. gotta focus ogtta focus gotta focus lmfao hey there’s no point in being upset about the past right.

chin up, look towards the future. what else is there?