idk man, fake followers bum me out

every time I post anything, I’ll get random likes from quuuuuestionably-legit people, and then there’s like people who im convinced are actually NPCs programmed to be totally stereotypical bloggers.

im really thinking about just exporting like the entire site to a tumblr or something to escape it. i think about this a lot. i basically think about it every time i post something, and some travel-blogger follows me.

i dont understand why this happens. maybe im really, really just a prick, but i have a really hard time believing that such serious, professional bloggers enjoy anything I put out. I BARELY follow anyone and i feel like people who spread their follow-legs for everyone they see are just looking for return-follows.

idk maybe i can mitigate this somehow. can i disable follows from other wordpress sites? maybe make it email-only. is that a thing? ill look into it.

it’s not like it hurts me in any way, i just hate insincere crap. i write shitty fanfiction about nerd shit, i can visualize the kind of people who enjoy my stuff, and like 60% of the follows and likes I get are /not/ those people. wordpress was probably never the best platform for me. i dunno.

just kill me lol 🙂

if you’re a real person, and you enjoy anything i write, thanks very much.


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