Why Don’t You Ask the Kids at (Hard-to-spell-Chinese place) Square?

i think i need money for a new drawing tablet.

but i also need it for a lot of other things. i don’t think ill ever really be truly happy. uh, new, uh, new J-Ghost School chapter coming later before i go to work at my minimum-wage job.

I want a new drawing tablet.

A real artist makes due with what they have. But I’m not a real artist. Fuck artists anyway. But it’s important to create things.

I think consuming media is like consuming poison. Or, cake. It tastes good, but then you become a fatty. Mentally and physically slothful. A big fat man, or a big fat woman. You know how I feel about fat people– how humanity feels about fat people. We try to pretend that Mother Nature isn’t SCREAMING at us, begging us to slow down, and we succeed a little. on the surface. But at the end of the day, who the fuck would ever pick a tub of lard over a girl with abs? Not me. I wouldn’t expect any different from anyone else and everyone else is exactly the same except for those fucking weird guys who are into fat chicks– no less a mental disorder than scat fetishists, or any others.

But the point is that uh, consuming media isn’t good for you.

I think everyone KNOWS that to an extent, but no-one knows it like *I’S* knows it. I autistically analyze every line of everything that I read or watch, always trying to figure out how someone is fucking manipulating me.

“Wowee Ray, tinfoil hat much?” asks the basic bitch bug who’s apparently forgotten that FacebooK was CAUGHT performing emotional manipulation experiments on its users– YOU and ME are USERS. Let’s USE less before we’re useless LOLteehee.

so basically i think everyone should write, and draw, and make music. It’s not fucking rocket science. Anyone can do it, and everyone should do it. Why should I be watching fucking TV or something when I can be writing a romance novel that 40 year old women will fucking eat up because for their younger years they fell for the feminism meme and now their ovaries are fucking balls of dust? (Men are exactly the same, our expiration date is just set farther down the line. Stop casually dating.) No, see that’s exploitative. It’s predatory. I don’t want people trying to fuck me, I shouldn’t try to fuck other people, right? HAHAHAHA like i even could brah. Brah, bro, my focus is shot to shit. Listen to me, I’ve literally forgotten years of my life. Things that I used to know, are no longer in my brain. Science. Math. Logic. Because of people like, i dunno, fucking Rachel Maddow shaming people like me for not buying everything, ever. I could send her smug soul out of her body in a single fucking punch, you know I could. I’m so fucking strong, I love my body. It’s all I have.

But anyway, lmao doctors, amirite?

you know how people wish they could erase their memories so they can replay Bioshock for the first time? Well, it turns out we already can  some fucking guy on the street would sell me something that’ll fuck me up for a day, or at least kill me. a doctor gave- excuse me, sold——> me something that’s turned me into a lesser man than I was, and I have to also be alive still. HAHAHA! got me!

anyway i want a new drawing tablet because im actually pretty good at drawing. i always used to be, and i think i could be a genuinely good arteest if I actually did it more often, but god oh god do I hate having to look at a screen separate from the one I’m drawing on. it’s horrifyingly ableist, really.

that’s all. go play an instrument. not for me, im just so fucking asshole you know online. Do it for yourself, and your loved ones.



anyway, this low-effort doodle was inspired in part by How to Bomb the U.S. Government, that’s uh, Sam Hyde and MillionDollarExtreme’s book. It’s really funny, and it makes me laugh. It’s like 700 pages, and I can’t believe how good of a writer Sam- or idk if it’s Charls or Nick or they’re collaborating, but it’s just really fucking good. A lot of funny stories making fun of cyberpunks and authoritarianism. I’m telling you now though that it’s a fucking chore to read because there’s some “choose-your-own-adventure” parts that have you going all over the place, and with my old Kindle, which can barely load the low-res pdf version in the first place, I can’t just skip around. the physical copies are sold out and not getting one is one of my life’s many, many regrets.

So I’m skipping a lot of the best parts when I’m reading it On Da Go and it still gets a lot of hearty chuckles out of me.

Edgy though, so if you’re one of those people who does things like tone-and-word police other people on reddit, or you describe yourself as “anti-hate”, you’ll hate it.


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