just a test post teehee

so, some fucking blog about like… living in a cabin… followed us and that was my wake-up call. I’ve removed the wordpress follow button. 90% of wordpress follows are spam.

idk if there’s some separate way for someone to do a wordpress follow, like some kind of idk, unremovable method that’s just built-in. but im hoping not.

so im going to just tag this with a bunch of general shiz to attract the people who would usually be spamming follows, and hope that they’re unable to actually do so.


im gonna look into making a tumblr later and maybe link it up here and maybe, hopefully important the whole archive of stuff.

in hindsight, wordpress was probably a mistake lmao. i thought it was the best choice because of the customization, but ffs, it’s just overrun with like, upper-middle class hobby photo/travel/food/lit bloggers that spam-follow people.

again, if you’re a real person reading this and not an NPC, thanks for following and stay tuned for more of everything. not abandoning the site, just hoping to try to get a following of actual human beings who actually enjoy the stuff we make instead of just trying to get us to look at their own site. like, what’s the word man? organic? you know what I mean.

if you’re an NPC, I hope you’re now unable to find a way to follow this blog. but if you can, god, just kill me.

if I can’t get rid of you, at least we can hopefully find some actual human beings on tumblr.


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