knife my baby

If you tell your doctor that you make small cuts on yourself to relieve stress, he’ll sell you pills.

And then he’ll turn around and saw off half of a baby’s penis for no reason. “It’s cleaner” isn’t a reason, it’s a pretense and everyone knows it is. If I chopped off any other part of my body just so I wouldn’t have to clean it, you’d call me crazy. UTI prevention, cancer prevention, it’s all a gigantic fucking lie and that’s why we’re the only country left on Planet fucking Earth that still does this.

“Look how great this other country’s healthcare is!” you’ll cry, except when it comes to the subject of whether or not babies should have their dicks sliced up.

And if that wasn’t awesome enough, doc’ll THEN charge the parents money for doing it! Like he’s providing a service! And he’ll even sell what he harvested to the cosmetics industry. What a perfect scam. What a perfect circle.

Plan in advance. Imagine knowing the truth about male genital mutilation, thinking you’re going to do the right thing, and then the doctor tricks your wife by having a word alone with her and telling her “it’s cleaner.” She has the final say, don’t fuck this up, make sure she understands in advance.

Jesus Christ what a fucking nightmare hellworld.


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