delet ur accont

–Professor Ignacio Badtanman

Social media is hideous.

I’m going to ramble a bit, because there’s a lot going on in my mind, so I actually want to start with something entirely unrelated– well, mostly. mostly kinda sorta a lot.

So i switched to firefox because im mad at Google. look, Google is– if you’re religious, and you don’t see Google as the Devil, idk what to tell you. everything about it is deeply disgusting, from how it’s so ingrained into our culture that we refer to searching for things as “Googling”, to their absolutely fucking insane cult-like corporate culture. The lawyer Nick Rackets on … YouTube (see, Google owns fucking everything and you can’t escape them) covered a discrimination suit against them, and it reveals the way Google employees act, and it’s is nothing short of psychotic. It’s not like it’s just them, I think something about Silicon Valley turns human beings into husks, and a lot of it has to do with– hey, i’m bringing it back around now, social media.

real quick though– if we just complain about Google, and never actually stop using their products and services, things will never, ever change. anyway…

the very concept of social media is degenerate. it’s soul-poison. study after study after study after study shows that even if facebook wasn’t conducting emotional-manipulation experiments on users (which they are), social media is inherently addictive and causes depression. think about what it fucking is. it’s a game. you perform actions like posting your HOT TAKES on politics and yourself in a swimsuit, and you collect points from other people. every action taken on social media is like screaming in public. it’s all for attention, and that’s deeply sick. part of being a human is desiring attention, but why not on a smaller scale? why isn’t it good enough to just talk one-on-one or in very small groups to close friends? it’s not good enough because it’s not as addictive. social media is a fucking drug just like any other, and it might not kill you outright, but it kills your fucking soul. when you’re posting on faceberg or twitter, you’re performing. you’re not you, you’re an actor, acting for an audience, trying to appeal to them for Likes. Fucking points. it’s a fucking game. Redditors in particular are so fucking addicted to the dopamine hits they get for their “Karma” points. This is well-documented. Most social media websites are the same, though. when i was a little kid, before even myspace, my friends and I used Roosterteeth and it was exactly the same even if it wasn’t as bad.

there’s different levels, and i’ll get into that a bit now. the worst culprits are faceberg, twitter, and reddit. and even though i’d say redditors are the worst, I think not having “profiles” and pictures of yourself or your real name would NORMALLY make it all less addictive. you’re still playing a game, but it’s not tied up as hard with your ego, because you as a person are somewhat removed from your account. but because reddit saves all of your comments and displays them on your page, it’s effectively a profile. there’s nothing redditors love more than going through each other’s comment-history so they can expose each other as villains. they’re all so fucking stupid, i hate redditors lmao. also, reddit displays your “points” for everyone to see, so there’s still a yuge amount of ego involved. reddit is basically an old-school forum modernized and made worse to such a fucking degree that its users are somehow even worse than facebook and twitter, which have all the right tools to be the worst sites on the planet.

the only way reddit could be worse is if it had traditional user-profiles and real-name requirements. you see what im getting at? the more “real” you have to be in social media, the worse it is. and not only is it worse /for/ you, it’s all less fucking genuine.

Oscar Wilde said “Give a man a mask, and he’ll tell you the truth.” Verified nobody-journalists hate this truth because if people started caring about online-anonymity like we used to, it’d destroy their livelihoods. Everything about anonymous forums is better. It’s less addictive, it’s far, far more genuine. It’s actually really simple. if you’re showing your name and face on social media, you are a street performer working for free. you are an asshole, and you’re fucking yourself, and you’re fucking everyone else around you. EVEN “anonymous” sites like 4chins STILL have the potential to become addictive, because people will still save fucking screenshots like fucking trophies. that’s users going out of their way for something stupid and ultimately worthless. with regular social media, such features are built-in.

and look, man, fuck you, im not a hypocrite. after i post this, im going to try to find out if i can disable “likes” on our own website over here. it’s not like i don’t see the EPIC IRONY of posting this online for other people to see. but look, fam, brother, friendo, again, there’s different levels. and if i can help convince other people to STOP FUCKING USING TWITTER, AND REDDIT, AND FACEBOOK, the world will be a better place.

you know that very small handful of people you talk to? just talk to them. if you cant bring yourself to delete your accounts, at the very least, abstain from using the main portion of the website and just talk to your ACTUAL friends. on facebook this is ez, because Messenger was split from the main site. you can actually log out of facebook, and say “bye-bye” and just use the messenger. it’s neato. and it’s better.

some people defend social media because it allows us to talk to people around the world. here’s a hot take for you: i don’t fucking care. why should i? no-one can actually answer that because there is no good answer. they might say “oh, so you can know about world events! particularly injustices!”. So what? Why? why should *I*, as an individual care? “B-but it’s moral–” nah, fuck you. i think it’s time to stop caring– excuse me, pretending to care about people that aren’t in our immediate vicinity. there’s probably homeless people within 10 miles of me right now, and I dont care enough to go help THEM. pretending otherwise bugbrain shit. if you can’t admit to yourself tht you don’t actually care about other people, you’re a child. yeah, if something bad were happening right in front of me, I’d try to help. yeah, if i had a magic button that would make everyone on the planet happy and healthy, i’d press it. but I don’t, so what the fuck do you actually want from me when I’m forced to know that every second a woman in the Congo is raped? thanks, Internet. okay, that’s not necessarily social media’s fault, but you know what? Fuck it, the entire fucking Internet suffers from the same issues, it’s all just concentrated with social media. Wikipedia-addicts definitely exist, i just– thank God– don’t care. stop caring. also, stop watching ads, have you installed an adblocker yet? i know im all over the place, because everything is fucked. all of it, and if you’re not constantly critically examining everything that you’re doing on the internet, you’re fucking yourself and letting yourself get fucked.

it’s all hideous. anyway, that’s all.


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