Imagine paying $5 a month to save HTML files

I hate subscription services in general, even if they’re really good and worth the money, like Amazon Prime. So when something’s really bad, it really gets my noggin’ joggin’.

I switched over to firefox the other day, and it has this service called “Pocket”, which you can use to save websites. Pocket has a Free version and a Premium version. Its Free version is exactly the same as using Bookmarks for any browser, and its Premium version is just an archiver.

For JUST $5 a month, you can save a copy of a webpage– which you can already do by yourself, for free, in a number of different ways. You could save a page as an html file and put it anywhere you want. You could use an archive site and bookmark the URL of the copy. Here’s a copy of Pocket’s Premium Subscription page for today’s date:

Five dollars doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but consider the other things you can do with it instead of throwing it away. You could buy a nice sandwich, or a bottle of supplements that will last you a month. You could pay for half of a genuinely-good subscription service, like Amazon Prime or Hulu. Really think about the difference here. For $10 a month, you can have your entertainment taken care of, but for JUST $5 a month, you can do something that you can already easily do by yourself for free.

Worthless products that are sold as productivity-tools aren’t anything new, but IDK if I’ve ever seen one as a subscription.

Who even needs to archive webpages? I know *I* do sometimes, because I like to make fun of left-leaning pop-news organizations, which frequently delete their content after receiving backlash. But it’s just not really important. I think most things that are worth saving tend to stay up. And the average user looking up recipes doesn’t really have a $5/month need for archival copies of online cookbooks.

I think the kind of person who’d pay for this is the last person who’d actually need it.


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