Lemme Hijack Your Laptop to Mine Cryptocurrency to Support Garbage Journalism

i was mad about this like month ago and never wrote anything about it. idk why, but i remembered it and got mad again.

basically, months ago, some trashy pop-news website started trying to use readers’ pcs to mine crypto if they had ad-blockers on.

when i read this in the news, i wasn’t surprised, just disappointed, to find an article written by some boomer npc husk-man defending the practice, because the website “doesn’t have an obligation to give you free ‘news'”.

and while that’s definitely true, it doesn’t mean you have a “right” to take payment for your “service” in any way you see fit. you definitely have a right to try. anyone has a right to try anything. but i just wont let it happen, and I’ll continue reading the fucking sites however i want to, without financially supporting them in any way. not that i even read this trash. ive said before nothing worth reading is hidden behind a paywall, and i genuinely mean that. even like a fucking scholarly treatise on mathematics that reveals the secrets of the universe: what the fuck am i going to get out of it that makes up for what I paid in time and dignity from sitting through an ad?  idk why it pissed me off so much, i guess it was the entitlement. the article’s literally titled something like “yes, they have EVERY right to hijack your pc” really goofy shit. and it might sound entitled to want to read something for “free”, but a) i dont really want to and b) it’s worthless trash. like who actually goes out of their way to the Buzzington Post unless someone made a youtube video about some stupid blogger’s hot take?

there’s this goofy idea that’s really, really prevalent that there’s some value in a buzzfeed/salon/huffpost/newyorktimes/etc. article, and there just isn’t. there just isn’t. we take for granted that because someone took time to write something that it’s worth reading, and even worth paying to read. i dont need anyone’s hot takes, i dont care about the exact-same-things happening day after day all around the world. it’s all so tiresome.

to be clear: if it were absolutely impossible to read someone complaining about how something DRUMP said was “HORRIFYINGLY RACIST” without viewing an ad, i just wouldnt do it. if i were to read something like that, I’m ALREADY paying for it with my time. you dont get to double-dip, sorry.

im not turning off my adblocker, and im not letting anyone use my pc to mine crypto lmfao. to be fair, ill also try to make a conscious effort to not read trashy pop-news at all anyway, but if i simply have to, because everyone’s talking about how dumb this WOKE new article is, then I gotta do what I gotta do, sorry.

if pop-listicle-writers are having trouble getting by because no-one wants to be raped by advertising, or let their computers be raped, they should learn to code or weld or something.


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