Cancel Your Subscriptions

Not all of them, just most of them. Especially the ones for streaming entertainment. (Shows/music)

Paid subscriptions are evil. You shouldn’t even be streaming the amount it takes to get value out of them.

It’s a guilty tradition that I put on an episode of Bob’s Burgers on Hulu before bed.

So I’m basically paying $10 a month to watch an episode of Bob’s Burgers every night. Just fuck me.

I decided yesterday to cancel. Right now, I’m watching a French girl on Twitch play my favorite game in the world, Majora’s Mask. This is pure comfort, and I’m not paying extra for it.

Honestly, there’s a yuge argument to be made about the kind of content that popular companies like Hulu and Netflix create, too. But I won’t get into that because there’s a simpler issue: you shouldn’t be spending hours a day consuming shows anyway.

Binge-watching Netflix has become a very popular meme, and it’s awful. If someone said they watched TV for hours a day, you’d rightfully call them a loser. If they said they “binge-watch Netflix” all day, you probably wouldn’t. Netflix is hip and sexy. You don’t just watch it, you FUCK to it. I’ve Netflixed and chilled, you’ve Netflixed and chilled, we’ve all Netflixed and chilled. But consider what it fucking is. It’s exactly the same as fucking watching TV, and it’s not even like most of the content on it is any better. Some of it might be, but most isn’t.

Ultimately, even non-pozzed entertainment shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities.

You’re turning your brain off, you’re halting your productivity. And that’s fine to do sometimes. But it shouldn’t be for any longer than you absolutely need to in order to relax. That even includes reading. Stop reading this and go write something. Go draw something. Go work out. Go find a girl, get married and have kids. What the fuck do you think you’re doing right now? You’re on a conveyor belt to oblivion, there’s no stopping it, and for some reason you’re reading. I hope you’ve already accomplished all your life goals.

really, at least just stop paying for pop-media. This Twitch girl’s voice is so cute, she’s playing the best game ever, and I can just relax. Why the fuck would I need to watch Bob’s Burgers? Gene is such a shitty character, fuck off. Fart jokes are fucking dumb.

okay, I will quickly get into content. without even getting political. basically, the more people involved in something, between you and the entertainer, the worse it’s going to be. producers, advertisers, all of it. if I’m not listening to a talkshow like fucking Ethan Ralph’s Killstream (kicked off of YouTube for not being cucked), or at least a Twitch streamer (who’s still bound by goofy TOS), I’m getting something scripted, something at least someone insincere, necessarily. fuck that, my dude. that’s why indie creators are fucking leagues better- in every way except extravagent production value- than any shit that appears on TV, or even on cool, hip new platforms like Netflix.

I’d much rather pay those indie creators directly than have my money being used to support shit like awful Netflix adaptations just because I happen to like a handful of shows they host.

If you like a person, pay them directly. But mostly, stop consuming so much fucking media, what the fuck are you doing? Stop it. Really this time I mean it, stop.