If we’re not allowed to age gracefully I’m putting it all out on the table, exactly what will you take from me?

god i love sage.

block faceberg. fuck lad, im so addicted to those sweet sweet luv-reaccs from all my super-hot takes what a fucking joke.

“””forgot””” to work out this morning. there’s always plenty of time as long as I don’t waste it. idk, i was just so fucking tired this morning. cold showers are my religion, it helped a little, but but no wait. do i have enough… i have enough time to work out before work if i start right meow.

ummm…. i wanted to write some more SPooksinspaec but… ok ill put it on my dropbox and work off my phone. i cant bring my laptop to work. 1000% guaranteed stolen.

okokokokokokfoerfkerogpre. this is becoming more like a journal and that’s not necessarily good. it’s not like i can bare my soul here, i know my mom reads this and she’s already gotten mad at me over nothing but it’s not like i can just start a new site or move tigtrgtrg ok enough, fuck it. im not boomer-proofing anything, this is how it is.

if i dont work out before work i’ll regret it. if you don’t do something right now it’ll never get done. skipping just starts and avalanche of failure so im ending this post.