Gmail Twilight Zone and Micro$oft Advertisement-Rape

For months now, a problem lingering at the edges of my mind has been that my gmail account name is displaying incorrectly. I just spilled a rant to my friends about it, so I’ll paste that here instead of repeating myself:


so fuck gmail, but also fuck Microsoft.

When I was sending myself emails back and forth, I had to log on to my address, and I was outraged, but not surprised, to find Outlook PESTERING ME TO TURN OFF MY ADBLOCK, SO THAT THEY COULD FEED ME ADVERTISEMENTS IN MY OWN FUCKING INBOX. Then I remembered “Oh yeah, if you pay Microsoft money for an email service that’s always been free, and is still available with many other companies for free, you can have the privilege of not having to look at advertisements in your inbox.”

I hate Microsoft so much that it makes me dizzy just thinking about how much I hate them.

I downloaded Minesweeper the other day, from the Microsoft store of course, since it’s not preinstalled anymore, and was delighted to be interrupted by a fucking advertisement after finishing a game, with the offer to have an ad-free experience if I pay for the “full game”, which of course like email was free for many years and is still available for free elsewhere.

If my brain hadn’t been so fucked up by antidepressants and turned me dumb, I’d gladly switch over to Linux. but that’s the problem: I’m dumb now, like most people.

So I have to live with Microsoft insulting me. (or trying to, rather, because I absolutely refuse to pay for their services and I absolutely refuse to turn off my adblock)

I’m very open with how I feel about advertising: It’s mental-rape. Microsoft is trying to rape people who are too stupid to protect themselves. And I for one have a problem with rape. Microsoft doesn’t, fine. But I do. So fuck them and fuck their email “””service”””. I’m not paying for it and I’m not subjecting myself to advertisements so a fucking multi-billion dollar corporation can make money from me checking my fucking email.

Email’s always been free. You’d have a hard enough time convincing me to accept ads in a BRAND-SPANKING NEW TECHNOLOGY. I don’t watch ads, I don’t read ads, I don’t listen to ads. Period. There’s nothing else to it, and the idea that it’s been pushed into things like EMAIL AND FUCKING MINESWEEPER makes me want to explode like the fucking Universe at the Big Bang, except instead of Existence the only thing expanding is the concept of Hatred itself.

in conclusion: fuck Google for having such trash, convoluted account management,

and fuck Microsoft for being greedy brain-rapists.