Were Optometrists Sabotaging Me All My Life?

second day minimizing glasses-wearing. im starting to think I might really be on to something.

coworker: something’s missing. you look different.
me: better or worse?
coworker: better. did you get a haircut or something?
she’s not very bright, but she’s a qt so I appreciated that.

back’s hurting less, so I really think I’m managing to stand up straighter. And I was looking people dead in the eyes np all day, and I really think it has to do with me not feeling like such a fucking dork because I’m not wearing glasses. Or at least because I’m not having to adjust this fucking contraption balancing on my face that’s always sliding down. Or some combination.

the only thing I don’t like is the fucking glasses keep falling off my shirt when I bend over. I need some solution for that. Maybe a clip or something. I don’t want to ruin them since I still need them to see anything that isn’t within arm’s length.

also, it’s pretty cool not actually seeing things so crisply. something about the world being blurry makes it more relaxing I think. It’s like I’m in my own dimension. idk maybe thats my kpin talking rn.

unrelated: i found an unflavored protein powder with no soy, so im happy.

also unrelated: i ordered a replacement splitter for my mic, so hopefully i can start streaming on twitch maaaybe tomorrow? horror games.

that’s all. thanks for reading my stupid journal post.