Writing cusswords is unmanly

–some Chad lawyer from Texas who instantly made me want to stop writing cursewords with a single sentence. but ill go further and say cursing in general is not manly.

I wrote a wall of text and I don’t like that, so i deleted it. I’m going to keep it super-duper simple.

Surrendering in any way to negative passion is unmanly. You shouldn’t want to do that. “Curse words” might be a social construct, and the word “fuck” might not be inherently wrong, but the feelings that will cause its usage are. It’s poison.

“Self-expression is important, though!” cries the brainlet. that’s fine and dandy, but the SELF part there is more important to me.

It could be argued this could sometimes be stupidly defeatist, but it’s not just thoughtless acceptance of anything that’s happening to you, it’s you reacting in a way that isn’t disproportionate. If someone punches you, you can punch them back to defend yourself. If you get mad about something you read online, you’re reacting to something that very very very probably doesn’t matter.

posting “fuck this, fuck that” a whole bunch on twitter is not something a man does, it’s something a gargoyle might do. Have you ever seen a man you wanted to be? Have any of those men EVER been men on twitter virtually-screaming? No.

that’s all. everyone knows instinctively what is and is not manly. I’ve written before that people act like they’re Achilles when they’re arguing on Twitter, but it’s almost just as bad actually speaking like that irl. Unless you’re actually going to war, and are shit-talking your opponent before you kill them. And just look at all the shit Hector talked before he fought Achilles, and then what does he do? He runs away around the entire city. That’s the bottom line of it: actions speak louder than words.

None of this is to say I’m against cursewords in fiction: characters can and should curse. But I shouldn’t, and neither should you. Not because of anything special about the words, but because of the underlying cause: it’s an ineffectual surrender of ourselves to anger.